At Gelatiamo we make all the Gelato and Sorbet in small batches onsite, so that they are kept fresh every day with each product extracted and filled into tubs by hand.  


Examples of some of our Signature creations include: Coconut & Red Bean Gelato, Balsamic Strawberry and Mascapone Gelato.  For those willing and daring enough to experience a taste of something completely outside the box - try our Bacon & Maple Syrup Gelato!


Maintaining and controlling our line of production allow us to experiment with different flavour combinations.  Even in the event that some combinations don't turn out to be wildly popular, at least we can proudly acknowledge we did the best we could and share with our customers the fun we had during this process.


Most importantly this has allowed us to continuously refine our recipes, enabling us to seek constant improvement to all our products (even amongst the most common flavours - Chocolate and Vanilla) to further enhance the taste, texture and consistency of our Gelato.


With this in mind, all our Gelato and Sorbet are made with only the finest quality ingredients, sourced either locally or overseas (such as our Sicilian pistachios, Sicilian blood orange juice and our 'Callebaut' Belgian Couverture Chocolate).


All our Sorbet are Dairy Free and most are also Fat Free.  For those looking for a Gluten Free options, we are pleased to say that most of our Gelato and Sorbet are just that (with the exception of our Tiramisu Gelato and the Biscotti and Amaretto Gelato).


For all Special Occasions ranging from Birthdays to Anniversaries, our tailor made Gelato Cakes are available for ordering.